Hello and welcome to my website; here,  I will attempt to  document my art from 1986, the year I began to make art professionally,  to the present. Some background:  I was born in  December 1958,   in Corpus Christi, Texas, where I was raised and where I continue to make my home.  My father, Jose Benavides Ruiz, worked as a  butcher; and with my mother, Ofelia Tamez Ruiz, raised 3 sons and one daughter.  My mother remembers me drawing from about the age of 4 and it has been a life-long pursuit.  My images usually come to me in those  moments between sleep and wakefulness; and it's only later that I'm usually able to decipher them .  Sometimes they make no sense to me at all, but the image will beg to be painted. I'm not comfortable asking people to pose for me, so I usually paint my family members from memory whenever I need a human presence.  When I was single, I would use myself or my sister and brothers; nowadays, Janie and I are raising three boys of our own: Ricky, Robby and Quintincito (my youngest).  They've now become the models for most of the recent work.  The majority of my paintings deal with the themes  and imagery of family, the cycles of life and death, as well as Mexican-American folklore.   When I say Mexican-American, I mean of the South Texas variety, of which I am a life-long member.  
I hope you like the work...

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