Master of Fine Arts - Texas A&M Corpus Christi -2014
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Corpus Christi State University-1986

Solo Exhibitions

2014                "Santos ,Chamucos, and Backyard Ofrendas- MFA Exhbition" K Space                         Contemporary, Corpus Christi, TX

2013             "Love Songs for the Palomia" Red Bud Gallery, Houston , TX

2011​            " Visions of the Backyard, A Survey of the Art of Ricardo Ruiz " Weil Gallery, Texas                         A&M  Corpus Christi , TX

2009           ​"Blackbird People", K Space Contempary Sweet Spot, Corpus Christi, TX

2003         “Ricardo Ruiz: One Man Show,” Center For Spirituality and The Arts, San Antonio,​ Tx.

1991          “Recuerdos From The Trip Not Taken,” Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi.

1989           “Backyard Visions:, Blue Light Specials and Home Remedies,” Wilhelmi/Holland ​ Gallery,                     Corpus Christi. 

1986             Ricardo Ruiz BFA Show, Corpus Christi State University, Faculty Center.

Selected  Group Exhibitions

​2014                "Twilight Zone" Houston Community College Southwest, Houston , TX

2014               "Galeria Sin Fronteras- Collection of Gilberto Cardenas" National Museum of                                            Mexican  Art, Chicago, IL

2013                Printmaking In Graafika Festival 2013. Galerii Pärnu Keskus. Pärnu, Estonia.                                            July  6-August 1.

2011 -2013 " Chicanitas , Small Paintings from the Cheech Marin Collection" Mesa Arts Center (Mesa, Arizona), Notre Dame University (Notre Dame , Indiana) , Museum of Monterrey(Monterrey, California), Whatcom Museum(Bellingham , Washington),Staniar Gallery at
Washington and Lee University (Lexington, Virginia)
2012                   "Apocalypse Show", K Space Contemporary Gallery, Corpus Christi, TX

2012                   Houston Art Fair  , Represented by Thomas Paul Fine Gallery, Houston, TX

​2012                    Palm Springs Art Fair,  Represented by Thomas Paul Fine Gallery, 

2011                    "Letters to Saint Peter " K Space Hot Spot Gallery , Corpus Christi, TX

2010" Past, Present, Future" K Space Contempary Art Gallery, Corpus Christi, TX 

2009 "Enmascadores", K Space Contempary Art Gallery, Corpus Christi, TX

2009"Wanna Fork- The Curious Line Art Of Ricardo and Ricky Ruiz", HotSpot Gallery,                         Corpus Christi, TX 

2009             Public Works Artists Exhibit, Art Center of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX

2009            Group Show, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

2007           "Coastal Currents: The K-Space Artists"  Islander Gallery, Corpus Christi, TX

2007             "K-Space Gets Centered", Art Center of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX

2006  "Substitution 23",Galvan House,Corpus Christi ,TX

2005“Big Ones”, 101 Gallery, Houston,TX, (Group Exhibit)

2004             “Arte Caliente: The Joe Diaz Collection”, South Texas  Institute for the Arts,                                  Corpus Christi .  
                            {Group Exhibit}

2004             “Coastal Connections, Contemporary Art from Houston and Corpus Christi,” 
                           Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.  {Group Exhibit} 

2003            “The Art’s The Thing,”  Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi.  

2000            “Artcapades,” South Texas Institute for the Arts, Corpus Christi. 

1999             “Now My Chaparral,” Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi. 

1999            “Beginnings: Preview the New,” Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi.

1998            “Artists Among Us,” Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi. 

1997            “Great Expectations,” Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi. 

1996           “Present Perfect,” Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi. 

1996             “All That Glitters,” Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi.  

 1996            “Room With A View:  Artists. ”   Wilhelmi/Holland  Gallery, Corpus Christi. 

1996              La Fuente’s  “Celebrate Our Life”  Exhibit, Dallas Horticulture Center, Dallas                           Texas.

1995             “Art Journeys,” Art Museum of South Texas,Corpus Christi. 

1994            “Profiles IV: Paint, Paintings by Mid-America Arts  Arts Alliance Fellowship                                     Awardees,” Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas.                                                                                         
1992           “Two Man Show: Ricardo Ruiz and John Albers,” Jansen-Perez Gallery, San                          Antonio,Texas.

1990            “Two Painters: Ricardo Ruiz and Nola Sendejar,” Simon Michael Gallery,                         Beeville,Texas.

1989           “Dia de Los Muertos,” Mexi-Arte  Gallery, Austin.

1989          Artist’s Invitational, Galeria Chaparral, Corpus Christi.

1988         “From Our Midst: A Preview,”  Ricardo Ruiz, Eddie Veshnesky, Masafume Hase and                       Betty Mobley Wilhelmi/Holland Gallery, Corpus Christi.

1987         New  Works by John Ramirez and Ricardo Ruiz, Galleria Chaparral, Corpus  Christi.

1986         “Figurative Artists” Group Show,  Center for Hispanic Arts at the Multi-Cultural                      Center, Corpus Christi

1984       C.C.S.U. Student Art Show, Weil Gallery

Art Museum of South Texas
University of Texas- San AntonioCheech Marin Chicano Art CollectionDel Mar College - Corpus Christi, TX


Ricardo Ruiz